Teaching Juliette to Serve

It is a mystery why Juliette Black starts off looking so sad but PD does not put up with that kind of attitude. She is there to serve. She is supposed to be happy for the opportunity. After all, he wants to enjoy her. He wants to make her feel pain and lust and the pleasure of service. All she needs to do is remain compliant and express how grateful she is for this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Cheyenne Gets Worked Out

Even in the worst prisons in the world the prisoners are afforded some kind of physical activity. This is what Cheyenne Jewel gets as hers. She cannot be released from her shackles since she may try to escape, so PD has to use alternate means of getting her heart pumping. His chosen method is a combination of physical labor and physical pain. It builds muscle and character at the same time.

Dixon Gets Her Wish

Dixon Mason is a pretty new slut that has decided she wants to work with PD. It is a decision he will make sure she does not regret. She has talked about nothing but her need for bondage and discipline for days. Now that she is experiencing it from a master she cannot get enough. The thought of being tied down and fondled was enough to get her wet. But the actual act of it has her ready to cum.

Elise Uses Poppy James

Poppy James has never thought of women as people who would use a girl for sex. Elise Graves cannot think of something she would rather do. Poppy is in for more than a couple surprises when it comes to satisfying her sexual appetites. Elise can be very demanding and quite relentless when it comes to getting herself off. She expects Poppy to keep up for every second of it or suffer the consequences.

Dixon Masons Big Day

Being stuck in a cage is not too bad if the company is nice. At least until the crew decides to give Dixon a spit shine to clean her up. From that moment on her day took a turn for the worse. The members did not just ask to see her humiliated. They wanted to see her hurt. They called for her to be bound and beaten. Of course our crew has been waiting for that from the first moment we went live.

Poppy James Goes Live

What makes Poppy James so special? We are bound and determined to find out. If she can make it through a full feed she will prove something to all of us. She knows that many girls have tried to satisfy our members and they can be very demanding. She will just have to do her best to make sure she does not disappoint. Join us on May 26, 2012 as we find out whether or not her best is good enough.

Why Nyssa Never Complains

PD ties up Nyssa Nevers and starts with a bit of tickling. It does not hurt and she should count herself as lucky. But instead she complains like she is in agony. It is insulting to treat a man that way. He is going to give her something to bitch about, in that case. He was trying to be nice and she did not want to accept it? That is fine. He can cane her feet as easily as tickle them.

Cherry Takes Her Turn

Cherry has always been one of our favorite girls to fuck with, so when we found out she wanted to come in for a live feed we were ready. All of the members are ready for her too. She is going to be helpless and in our clutches, but the details of her torment will be left up to them. That is the beauty of the live feed. Nothing is better than seeing a slut submit herself to your suggestions.

Kylie Loses Her Innocence

Kylie is young and maybe a bit naive. As she is strolling around with Sister Dee she thinks they are just having a pleasant conversation. SD, of course, is sizing her up and planning their day together. It will be a painful exercise in endurance for Kylie. She is going to start off on her knees, in a pile of rice that has her eyes instantly full of tears. SD has no interest in showing her mercy.

Jade Volunteers For Electricity

Jade Indica volunteered for some electrical play with Claire Adams. All she thought it would involve was a few stim pads or a violet wand. When Claire decided to push a little shocker right up inside of her tight little ass the first few pops were quite a surprise. Once Jade adapted she was begging for more jolts to help her enjoy her orgasms. Well… until Claire decides she enjoys it too much.